Micha Laury was born in 1946 in kibbutz Negba, Israel. He lives and Works in Paris from 1975.
Very far and isolated from the art world, he begins art activity in 1967 as a self taught artist. 
From the beginning of his work at the end of the sixties, his practice has been multi-disciplinary experimental research in the field of art.
Laury questions what is unknown to him in-order to discover new ways of observing and thinking about the world around him.
His innovative and unconventional work is in touch with the actual moment of reality.
The experimental attitude of his work covers all techniques and medias. Much like an explorer of new lands, he explores new fields and continually examines new possibilities of his artistic research.
Laury questions the place of human existence in  contemporary society of the current and future world.
His art seeks to provide a critical dimension, permeated with the idea of dysfunction and of the tenuousness of our relationship with the world.
In one of his works, words etched in a sheet of lead read: 
« The Deaf Listen to the Dumb the Blind Watch the Cripple Dance. »
He is a tireless researcher of the limits of the possible by examining the boundaries between the physical and the psychical possibilities of human nature.
For the past few years, Laury has been developing experimental art laboratory work with scientists who are researching the human brain and the environment of future life.
His work has been exhibited in many institutions around the world and is included in the collections of museums such as Centre Pompidou in Paris, The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, The Museum of Contemporary Art in Lyon, The Jewish Museum in New York, The Israel Museum in Jerusalem, The Tel Aviv muséum of Art…. public and private collections in Europe, United states and Israel.